I Don’t Have Enough Tooth Structure For A Crown. What Are My Options?

Dental crowns are an excellent way to rebuild teeth and protect them after tooth decay, infection, or an injury has destroyed and damaged the natural tooth structure. 

But in cases of severe damage, there may not be enough tooth structure left for a traditional crown. What happens if you don’t have enough tooth to support a crown? Can Dr. Winslow still replace your tooth at The Grove Family Dental? Find out below! 

Composite Bonding To Rebuild The Tooth

If you just need a little bit more structure to safely accommodate a crown, this is usually the method that will be used to repair the tooth. Dr. Winslow will apply a small amount of dental composite to the tooth to reshape it and add more structure.

This is the same material that’s used for dental fillings and cosmetic bonding. It attaches to the enamel tightly, rebuilding the tooth and creating a stable platform for the crown. This process is fast and non-invasive, so it's usually the best option for most patients.

Post-And-Core Crown 

This is sort of a combination of a dental implant and a dental crown. It’s used if a root canal was necessary for your treatment, or in cases where there is too little remaining tooth structure remaining to repair the enamel.

In this process, the tooth is opened up, and a root canal is performed to clean out the inside of the tooth. Then, a metal “post” is placed into the root of the tooth. This post sticks up past the natural tooth structure, and then the tooth is filled and sealed to lock the post in place.

Then, a dental crown is built that will fit over your natural tooth and the post sticking out of your tooth. This locks the post in place and allows the crown to bond tightly to the remaining structure. 

Tooth Extraction And Replacement With A Partial Denture, Bridge, Or Implant

If neither of the above options are viable, Dr. Winslow may recommend a tooth extraction. You’ll have the remaining tooth pulled, and then you can have it replaced to restore your smile. There are a few treatments that can be used for this:

  • Partial denture – Partial dentures use a special plastic and metal framework that clips onto your teeth and holds one or more false teeth in place. They are affordable and offer fast results, but require special care and maintenance. They also have a shorter lifespan than other treatment methods.

  • Dental bridge – In this procedure, your damaged tooth will be pulled, then the two teeth next to it will be trimmed. After that, a bridge will be made, consisting of two dental crowns that attach to your healthy teeth, and a false tooth that fills up the gap in your smile. Bridges are durable, natural-looking, and long-lasting. The primary drawback is that they require the trimming of two of your teeth, even if they’re healthy.
  • Dental implant – Dental implants are considered to be the best way to replace a single missing tooth. They consist of a post (root) and a crown (tooth) that are surgically implanted into your mouth. They can easily last 30+ years, help preserve your jaw bone, and require no special care beyond routine brushing and flossing. However, they are expensive, and are usually not covered by dental insurance. 

Explore Your Options For Restoring Damaged Teeth In Elk Grove – Contact Us Today!

At The Grove Family Dental, Dr. Winslow specializes in restorative dentistry in Elk Grove. If you need a crown but you’re concerned that your tooth is too damaged to repair, our team is here to help you explore your options. Contact us online or give us a call at 916-333-0609 to schedule a consultation and get the treatment you need to restore your oral health. 

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