The Grove Gives Project

The Grove Gives Project

At The Grove Family Dental we are always in the spirit of caring for our community in as many ways possible. Given the challenging times we are facing economically along with limited access to proper oral healthcare, we felt a responsibility to provide support to those in need. Therefore, in order to fulfill our purpose at The Grove Family Dental we have founded “The Grove Gives Project.” Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To improve the oral health of disadvantaged youth by improving access to oral care treatment and education locally and across the globe.
  2. To provide support to the local small business community through outreach, exposure, and purchasing of services and/or products.
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United By Brush:

Get One, Give One

We are on a mission to deliver healthy smiles to as many children across the globe, empowering the youth with more confident and healthy smiles. Did you know that over 12 million children across the US have untreated cavities along with 60-90% of school children worldwide suffering from cavities? More surprisingly, oral disease affects 4 billion people worldwide, impacting almost half (44%) of the world’s population.

Dr. Winslow and the team here at The Grove Family Dental have established a unique way to give back and make the world a happier place one toothbrush at a time. At the completion of every appointment at The Grove Family Dental we will offer you one of our custom crafted eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes. For every toothbrush we give to one of our wonderful patients, we will in turn donate a toothbrush to a disadvantaged child in need. You also have the choice to not accept the toothbrush and instead become our partner in donating two toothbrushes to those in need.

We will also donate a percentage of our profits to philanthropic global and local oral health organizations so they may continue to be able to provide free dental care and life-changing smile transformations to those in need. Please join us on our journey to make access to oral care available to all children across the world.

United by Brush

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Smiles For Small Businesses

There are over 30 million small businesses across the US. Small businesses are truly the backbone of the US economy, contributing to 64% of all new jobs created. It is now more important than ever to show support for your local small businesses. Your patronage through purchasing their services and products helps generate a thriving local and national economy. Small business owners in Elk Grove help provide the necessary financial support in tax revenue to keep our parks clean, support our local firefighting and police services, and keep our schools operating in excellence.

As a small business owner and resident of Sacramento for over 10 years, Dr. Winslow intimately understands the challenges facing small businesses in today’s economic climate. As a resident of Elk Grove with two small children attending a local Elk Grove elementary school, Dr. Winslow greatly desires to see Elk Grove thrive for years to come.

Please join Dr. Winslow and the team at The Grove Family Dental in supporting local small businesses through our “Smiles for Small Businesses” initiative. Our mission is to encourage local residents to shop local and empower local small business owners to thrive and grow their small business to reach their full potential while building a greater community together.

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