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Keep Your Smile Bright & Healthy

Preventive Dentistry in Elk Grove

Looking for preventive care in Elk Grove? At The Grove Family Dental, we provide general and family dentistry for patients of all ages. At our office, Dr. Winslow offers professional, thorough cleanings and a wide range of other preventive treatments to help you maintain optimal oral health. If you’re due for a checkup, schedule your next visit today!

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Are Routine Visits Necessary?

The Importance of Preventive Care

Preventive care is the best way to catch potential oral health issues early and treat them before they develop into larger problems. By identifying an issue like tooth decay or gum disease before it becomes severe, you can keep your mouth in good health. This also saves you time and money. You’ll be able to get the proper treatment right away, ensuring that there are no further complications.

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Maintain Your Smile

Cleanings & X-Rays

Regular teeth cleanings and oral exams are the most important part of preventive care. By coming into our office every six months to see Dr. Winslow and our team of hygienists, we’ll be able to look for signs of cavities and gum disease. We also use advanced, digital x-rays to look for hidden oral health issues and ensure you’ve got a clean bill of health.

Strengthen Your Teeth

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can be performed during any routine dental appointment. The procedure simply involves the application of a highly-fluoridated gel to your teeth. This gel helps remineralize and strengthen enamel that has been affected by minor decay or weakened by oral acid. Regular fluoride treatments keep your teeth stay strong and can help prevent cavities.

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Prevent Cavities

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are made of a special type of liquid resin, which is painted onto your teeth after a cleaning. Then, this resin is hardened with UV light to create a strong, transparent barrier that protects your teeth from direct contact with oral bacteria, acid, and food particles. In turn, this prevents the formation of cavities. With proper application and healthy hygiene habits, sealants can last 10+ years. Typically, only the more cavity-susceptible rear teeth are treated with sealants.

Catch the Signs Early

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are the best way to detect early signs of oral cancer. We provide screenings as part of your routine oral exam every six months. Dr. Winslow will look for any potential abnormalities or oral lesions that may require further attention, giving you peace of mind.

Care for Little Smiles

Pediatric Services

At The Grove Family Dental, we treat children of all ages. Dr. Winslow can provide pediatric services such as SDF (silver diamine fluoride) for cavities, space maintainers after premature tooth loss, and pulpotomies for infected baby teeth. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help your little one.

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