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Dentures In Elk Grove

If you’re missing one or more of your natural teeth in Elk Grove and you’re exploring options for tooth replacement, dentures may be the right choice. They are effective, affordable, and offer fast results, and Dr. Jeron Winslow specializes in building custom-fitted, natural-looking dentures that will provide long-lasting results. Contact us now to schedule an appointment, or learn more about dentures below.

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What Are Partial Dentures?

Understanding The Basics

Partial dentures are intended to replace one or more missing teeth, and are ideal for patients who may have lost a few teeth, but still have a relatively healthy mouth. They use a metal-and-plastic design that snaps onto your remaining teeth, and holds one or more false teeth in place over the gaps in your smile.

Depending on your situation and preferences, partial dentures may be recommended as a short-term solution until you can get a dental bridge or dental implant, or as a long-term replacement for missing teeth. A high-quality set of custom-made partial dentures can last 10+ years with proper care.

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What Are Full Dentures?

Understanding The Basics

Full dentures are designed to replace a full row of missing teeth. They can be built for the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both rows of teeth. They are only recommended for patients with significant oral health problems. This is because they fit directly over your gums, which means any remaining teeth must be extracted before you can get a set of full dentures, even if the remaining teeth are healthy.

However, if you do have serious oral health problems due to extensive gum disease, tooth decay, or major oral trauma that has destroyed most of your teeth, full dentures are often the fastest and most effective way to restore your teeth. They are designed to be comfortable and long-lasting, and will restore your ability to smile, bite, and chew.

Why Should I Choose Dentures?

The Benefits Of Dentures

  • Dentures are more affordable compared to other types of tooth replacement like dental bridges or dental implants
  • The cost of dentures is typically covered by dental insurance up to applicable plan limits
  • Dentures restore your smile and allow you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence once again
  • Getting dentures helps prevent future oral health issues, such as teeth shifting due to tooth loss
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What To Expect

The Dentures Process

Both partial and full dentures follow a similar process. First, you’ll need to have any unhealthy teeth extracted, or have all of your remaining teeth extracted for full dentures.

At your next appointment, Dr. Winslow will take impressions and images of your teeth, and create a bite mold to begin the process of creating your dentures. He will record a lot of information about your bite, your remaining teeth (if applicable) and your oral anatomy.

This information is sent to a dental lab, where a set of test dentures will be made using plastic teeth and a wax base. This set of test dentures will then be sent to The Grove Family Dental, and Dr. Winslow will check the fit of the test dentures and note any adjustments that need to be made.

Depending on your case, this process may need to be repeated multiple times to achieve a perfect fit, so you will likely need multiple follow-ups at our office.

Once everything looks perfect, your final set of dentures will be made and sent to The Grove Family Dental, then you’ll try them on, and Dr. Winslow will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your new smile.

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